Wednesday, 27 June 2012

An Introduction to the Globetrotters

We are a set of experienced professionals drawn from the Airline, tourism and travel writer friends, with certain experiences in their own respective fields. All of them contribute their experience to this site. We at Globetrotters negotiate  special rates for you and ensure that you experience and learn the best this world can offer.

The Globetrotters is the output of hard work by Mr K. Guru Prasad, who is a professional himself with 30 years experience in handling international airline sales and marketing across South India. He has toured the best part of the  world. His notable career high was a decade with British Airways which helped him to hone his skills in customer relation experience and then when the airline industry, in a paradigm shift, took to web based selling Guru went on to set up a medical tourism facility for a travel agent associate.

As it is said that the sky is the limit, we at the globetrotters present to you the Globe to Learn, Explore and Enjoy. With his vast years of experience in the field, Guru believes that there is much to learn from every country and their masters! This belief led him to the concept of The Globetrotters where 'You choose what you wish to learn and where to go and we, the team, will work out a suitable package for you'

"The Globetrotters" team will direct you to places of interest across the Globe where you can sharpen your skills in Art, Culture, Martial Arts, Yoga, Alternative Medicine and the like. The uniqueness is, we take you to places where they originated. It is an experience to learn from the masters in the very environment they learnt and taught. When you visit these sacred abode of learning you enjoy the surroundings which are not usually available on a tourist map. One picks up the culture and ethnic aura of the city, nay the country itself.

 It is an experience to cherish which remains with you for the rest of your life. The Soul is touched!!! 

The Team
The Globetrotters
Mr. K. Guru Prasad - CEO
Mr. Naveen - Business Development Manager
Ms. Civia M. Aher - Social Media Manager 

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  1. Dear Guru sir,
    Congratulations on your new business!
    Wishing you good luck and success !

    Cheers :)
    Clarissa Lewis